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Project & Program Evaluation

By The Numbers can help you evaluate your project or program accurately and with confidence. We have considerable experience in evaluating a wide range of programs. Our services include:
  • Working with you in advance to design an evaluation plan that meets the requirements of your funding agency.

  • Designing a survey to accurately measure the impacts of your program, statistically analyzing the survey responses, and generating information that can improve your program.

  • Compiling and statistically analyzing a wide range of data on your program's activities and accomplishments.

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses, and helping pinpoint problems or gaps that may require your attention.

  • Determining if your program works better for some types of clients, program beneficiaries, or employees, than for others.

  • Providing evaluation results and reports while your program is ongoing, so that you can make improvements as you go along.

  • Providing a final evaluation report that clearly and thoroughly summarizes what your program accomplished.
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